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When and where

​​ Purely Greece Imports

The Story

In every Greek home there exists a reverence for high quality food and wine. Exotic olive oils and heirloom grape varieties are pleantiful in this culture dedicated to pleasing the human senses and appeasing the gods. Like Alexander The Great, we want to bring the glories of Greece to the U.S. for all to enjoy.

The Wines

Over 1500 wine varieties were produced in ancient Greece. Since the 1990’s there has been a wine production movement to re-cultivate many of these ancient varietals; Assyrtiko, Limniona, Malagouzia, Agiorgitico, Moschofilero, and several other unique varietals.

The Vineyards

Our wines are produced in owner operated wineries found in the most important wine producing regions in Greece.  We work very closely with large production wineries and small boutique operations that blend traditional and modern cultivation techniques to consistently produce high quality wines.


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