S.S. LOGOTHETIS - Amfissa, Fokida, Central Greece


Stelios Logothetis created S.S. LOGOTHETIS in 2007. He is a wine production consultant for seven wineries throughout Greece. In 2007, he produced two popular blended wines, one white, Chardonnay-Malagouzia, and one red, Cabernet-Syrah. These wines were made from small, privately owned vineyards that have since expanded to over twenty acres.  They are in the northern mountainous regions on the Greek mainland, in New Lampsakos, Chalcis in Molo, Fthiotidos and in Vegora, Florina.S.S. LOGOTHETIS, collaborates on a permanent basis with several other producers in the regions of Kastoria, and Begoras, Amyntaion.

Stelios Logothetis holds a PhD in Industrial Fermentation Biotechnology from the University of Abertay, Dundee in Scotland. His goal is to create high quality wines with unique characteristics. By using modern vinification and traditional cultivation methods, Logothetis and agriculturalist, Dimitri Tsoupeis, have combined the best of both methods to create truly unique wines.




Vinification: Method skin contact, i.e., the skin and stems stay in contact with the grape juice for 24 hours after pressing in very low temperature. Fermentation at 48 F.
Character:  Bright gold-yellow color with rich body, fruity aroma and long finish. The nose of tropical fruit, mainly mango but also kiwi, with butter toffee, together with the characteristic acidity     and the long finish, constitute a exceptional white wine 



Vinification: Pre fermentation cryo- extraction at 6o C. Fermentation and red winemaking at 64-71 F.
Character: Intense red color with crimson shades. Full, round body. Nose of cherry with vanilla and tobacco as well as dried fruit with an under-layer of green peppers. Full and fruity taste with long finish and high acidity but tannic balance. Soft and long. Accompanied red meats and has the acidity to cut through fat. Serve at 60-64 F.
Aging: French and American oak barrels for 8 to 12 months


MALAGOUZIA - Dry White Wine

Vinification: Quick de-stemming of the grapes, very fast removal of skin and stems, and then cryo-extraction, cryo- fermentation at 48 F. After fermentation Batonnage for one month.
Character: Green yellow bright color. Aromas of green flowers like roses and rosemary with dried fig and quince but also mango melon and tropical fruits in general. Full vanilla body with a long fruity round finish. Excellent with main courses of low acidity. Serve at 46-50 F.