Marianne Zarcadoolas-President

At first glance I might appear an unlikely person to start a company to import Greek wines. I had a long career as an educator, am a native New Yorker, and was 21 years old before I ever stepped foot in Greece. But I grew up with a strong cultural heritage for all things Greek. My father and his brothers owned a Greek restaurant in Manhattan.

After traveling to Greece many times over the years, I discovered that the traditional wines, which I so enjoyed in my travels, were not available back home in the states.  In fact, the Greek wines back home were far inferior to those I enjoyed in Greece. I developed a passion for the traditional varietals, Asyrtiko, Malagouzia, Agiogitiko, and Limnoina, among others.

​I began shipping bottles home for personal consumption.  Guests in my home were always surprised when I revealed that these wines were produced in Greece and equally disappointed when I told them they were not available in the states.  The idea was born to bring these wines to the American market. I hope you enjoy the wines as much as I do and pair them with your favorite dishes. Perhaps you'll plan your next vacation in Greece. Opa!


Stylianos Logothetis, PhD Enologist - Winemaker

Stelios Logothetis is an Enologists with over 20 years experience in Greece. He has worked as production manager to many wineries throughout the country.  Additionally, for the last 8 years he has been an adjunct lecturer of Industrial Fermentation Biotechnology at Athens Applied Science University. He holds a PhD in Yeast and Fermentation Biotechnology and is a member of the European Federation of Biotechnology, Scottish Microbiology Society, and Organization International du Vin.

For the last ten years, Mr. Logothetis has been working as a consultant for five wineries in Greece. Under his supervision, over 42 different wines are produced from fifteen different terroirs.

Mr. Logothetis and Marianne Zarcadoolas, have collaborated to create Purely Greece Imports, a wine importing company based in New York, specializing in Greek wines. The wines they have chosen to introduce to the US market are unique Greek varietals, single and blended with international grapes, that represent some of the most popular wines in Greece. 


Andreas Kelemides

Purely Greece Imports is pleased to announce our collaboration with Andreas Kelemidis, the founder and president of Oinos Wine Imports, LLC. Together we are positioned to bring to the US market, unique wines from all of the regions of Greece. 

Andreas Kelemides has worked in the wine and hospitality industry for over 25 years. He has developed wine programs and restaurant concepts in Greece, New York City and The Hamptons.  Andreas blends ancient Hellenistic traditions with the innovations of modern Greece to create a fresh and exciting vision in the industry. 

Andreas is a wine evangelist, with an insatiable curiosity for the hospitality industry. He makes it his business to stay up-to-date on global and local market trends. His pleasant nature and robust character are welcomed everywhere allowing him to develop and maintain long-term relationships with his clients and the industry at large. He is a great asset to have on board.